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If you have a residential driveway that you wish to protect from road salt in the winter or fertilizers used in the spring we can protect it and make it easier to keep clean and attractive.
If you have a commercial property that you wish to protect from oil, grease, fertilizers, road salts or even salt water near a coastline, we can protect it.
Remember, concrete is a very porous material. If properly sealed with the right products, a sealed concrete surface becomes easier to clean and maintain and can be protected from damage caused by corroding rebar in structural applications.
Our warranty is transferable if you sell your property and remains in effect for the original contract/warranty period.
We hope you choose OCS to protect your concrete; if not, our goal is to educate you to make the best decision for your needs.
Consider this: using the wrong sealer is like applying shoe polish; it will look good short term but does not protect the leather.
Omega Concrete Solutions can heal and seal your concrete for ultimate protection!
Call and set up an onsite inspection and quote. We will contact our local franchisee and get back to you with available time.

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