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Welcome to Omega Concrete Solutions, building the only nationwide concrete curing and sealing organization.
Our trained and certified installers are concrete professionals who understand the importance of protecting your new and existing concrete by applying products to your concrete that actually protect not only the surface but also penetrate deeply into the capillaries, bleed channels and pores that normally allow the entry of water and contaminants. If we decrease permeability, we greatly enhance durability.
We don't power-wash houses or roofs, we do one thing and we do it better than anyone else and that is to cure and/or seal concrete. If you have existing concrete that needs to be cleaned prior to sealing, we have the best equipment available to scrub the surface prior to sealing it.
When your concrete is spray cured/sealed by an Omega Concrete Solutions authorized technician, your concrete and investment in your home will be protected, period. It will not need additional treatment for the years listed in your contract and warranty.

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