P3 Marine

P3 Marine

P3 Marine

Nano is a unit prefix meaning one billionth. 

Imagine if you would, in a concrete mixture that your stone is the universe, the cement is the sun and the colloidal silica, which is a pozzolan, is the earth. That is how small a particle we are talking about that gets pulled into concrete through the capillaries created by bleed water to chemically react with calcium hydroxide to form Calcium Silicate Hydrate which means more complete packing of the mix, creating a less permeable concrete that then becomes more durable.

Intended for use in areas where the concrete member is exposed to water, especially in cases of the migration and diffusion of chlorides from saltwater (0.5 miles/0.0005 km from shore), splash zones, potential liquid contaminants under hydrostatic pressure, regular and consistent exposure to detrimental conditions, or other similar severe sources of attack mechanisms.

Penetrates into the accessible capillary system, reacting with the available free alkali found within, and primarily forming calcium silicate hydrate (C-S-H). It can be used at time of placement as the choice for curing and protection, or P3 Marine can be used on existing clean, hardened, permeable concrete.

Was formulated to reduce the permeability of the concrete surface to reduce the impact of chloride and other salts as well as other contaminants into the concrete in a marine environment. With a superior cure (equal to or better than 28-day moist cure), the need for a curing membrane is eliminated, allowing foot traffic in just one to three hours.

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