Curing Concrete

Curing Concrete

Curing Concrete

Why Should You Cure Your Concrete

All exterior concrete should be cured

American Concrete Institute (ACI) - Guide to External Curing of Concrete 308R-16

1. Curing is an action taken to maintain moisture and temperature conditions in a freshly placed cementitious mixture to allow hydraulic cement hydration and, if pozzolans are used, pozzolanic reactions to occur so that the potential properties of the mixture may develop.

2. The objectives of curing are to prevent the loss of moisture from concrete and maintain a favorable concrete temperature for a sufficient period of time.

3. Need for curing—Even if the amount of water initially incorporated into the concrete as mixing water will sustain sufficient hydration to develop the desired properties for a given concrete mixture, curing measures are still required to ensure that this water remains in the concrete until the desired properties are achieved.

Concrete is Permeable:

  • Concrete is made with more water than is needed for the initial chemical reaction to allow it to be placed and finished.
  • Excess water leaves the system through bleed water channels, capillaries, and pores.
  • These bleed water channels, capillaries, and pores allow the entry of water and contaminants.

We cure concrete for the purpose of maximizing its features, benefits, and performance.

Curing is proper temperature, moisture, and time to allow for proper hydration.

Proper Curing gives concrete the opportunity to reach its full design potential.

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